$20.00 Necklace Beaded Peace Sign Red leather 20″ long, 4 Strand Beaded Bracelet, Red Pendant Beaded Earrings Set

Peace Sign Necklace Set, Turquoise, Red, and White $20.00           Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

 Peace Sign Necklace, 4 strands, beaded, chain-closeup

This peace and love necklace set is reminiscent of the sixties with its peace sign pendant, red leather and beaded strands. The red, white, and blue colors are also very patriotic and perfect for the Fourth of July!
The necklace has three strands beaded with coordinating turquoise, red, brown, and crystal seed beads. The peace sign pendant is accented with a faceted red drop. The upper part of the necklace is laced with red leather while the bottop part of it is beadwork.The necklace closes with a toggle clasp and it is about 20″ long. The matching earrings have the same red drops that the pendant does, and are encircled with crystal seed bead ovals. The bracelet completes the look with four beaded strands, one of them being the larger turquoise colored beads.

Peace sign necklace and earrings  Bead strands closeup, peace sign necklace  4 strand beaded bracelet
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