$18.00 Necklace, Flower Bouquet, swarovski crystal, wire wrapping, twisted chain, 18″

Flower Bouquet Necklace, Swarovski Crystals $18.00                Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

flower bouquet necklace

Flower bouquet features wire wrapping techniques

flower bouquet necklace, antique bronze twisted chain, wire wrapping

pink flower bouquet necklace, wire wrapping, filigree, pink, green

This necklace features a beautiful bouquet of flowers made with beading and wire wrapping techniques. The bouquet has a mixture of pink and white flowers and is accented with a leaf. The flowers are nestled in a filigree horn completed with wire wrapping. The flower bouquet is about 2″ long in the center of an 18″ necklace. Accenting the twisted wire chain are matching green Swarovski crystals, flower charms, and a filigree ball. This simple, elegant necklace will add the finishing touch to many of your outfits!

This necklace is made using Laliberi and Swarovski crystal elements.

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