$20.00 Plastic Tags Charm Necklace, Antique Bronze chain, Industrial/Grunge Chic

Plastic Tags Eclectic Necklace $20.00                 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Scrapbook tags necklace

varied shapes scrapbook tags necklace, hipster, birdcage, butterfly, green, pink gold birdcage, grey butterfly, pink, green, scrapbook tags necklace       industrial grunge necklace, scrapbook tags, fleur de lis, flowers      Scrapbook paper tags necklace, birdcages

I made this “tags” necklace as part of my new shop section: Industrial Chic/ Grunge. I love the usage of unexpected materials that combine to make interesting, unique, and beautiful pieces. This necklace has multiple colors, sizes and shapes of tag charms which gives it a wonderfully random look. It’s simple, and elegant at the same time. The “industrial” look of this necklace comes from the large link chain in an antiqued bronze finish, as well as the mismatched shapes and sizes of the charms.

industrial chic look
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