$25.00 Safety Pin Beaded Rainbow Cascade Necklace and Earrings Set, Industrial Chic

Rainbow Safety Pin Necklace-Industrial $Sold

 safety pin necklace safety pin necklace 2

This was one of my first pieces in the Industrial Chic/ Grunge style. I’m still not sure what to call it! I love using unexpected materials to make interesting, unique, and beautiful jewelry. This necklace has seed beads strung onto safety pins to make a rainbow. It’s simple, beautiful, and even elegant. The “industrial” look of this necklace comes from the large link chain in a distressed silver finish, as well as the use of safety pins. The colorful seed beads brighten the look to make it pretty and very wearable.
For the earrings, a trio of safety pins forms the dangle for the simple drop. The fishhook ear wires are in the same distressed silver finish as the necklace chain.

red safety pin earring closeup


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