$15.00 Bracelet, Jet and Opal Crystals, Potawatomi Weave, Stunning contrast

Black and Opaline Crystal Woven Bracelet $15.00                 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

black and milk glass crystal, angle weave bracelet  jet and opaline crystal angle weave bracelet    black and milk glass angle weave bracelet

Black cube and round beads are woven together in an interesting pattern, and embellished with opaline white glass crystals. A stunning look, black and white contrast.

To make this bracelet, I chose the contrasting color combination of jet black and opaline glass crystals. This stunning bracelet has a different look than the two other potawatomi weave bracelets in my shop. I like the sleek black with the white crystal accents. Like the other bracelets, these crystals change as the light plays on them. A very interesting bracelet that will definitely get noticed! It measures a little over 7″ long and has a slight stretch to it.

Check out the same bracelet in COBALT BLUE and AMETHYST colors!
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


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