Gorgeous box of chocolates, red satin, cross stitched candy inside–yummy gift

needlework chocolate candies in real chocolate gift box, red satin       heart chocolate box, cross stitch chocolate candies three dimensional


Can you tell I love chocolates?! I couldn’t resist making this delightful box of chocolates. You are sure to recognize your favorites, I know I did! The detail in this cross stitch piece is exquisite, there are many candies in the assortment, each nestled in its foil wrapper.

Get a box of chocolates for that special someone that won’t make them fat! I think this would make a wonderful holiday gift by itself, or a clever way to present a piece of jewelry for that special someone.

Cross stitch chocolate candies in heart box 3D  chocolate candies cross stitch design, truffles close up  chocolate candies closeup, cherry cordial, cross stitch design


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