$SOLD Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Bracelet, Amethyst Hearts Set

Elegant Swarovski Hearts Necklace and Bracelet Set $SOLD

swarovski amethyst hearts necklace and bracelet, purple ombre, silver chain     swarovski purple crystals bracelet, silver chain, heart

This fabulous genuine Swarovski crystal necklace and bracelet set is fit for a princess! Amethyst, tanzanite, and other shades of purple blend together to create a wonderfully textured look. The silver tone chain adds a modern look to the classic crystals. Crystal heart beads are the focal point of the bracelet (shown above the necklace) and crystal sliders provide the framework in the necklace which also features crystal hearts in the dual twisted strand.

This set is made to go with the earrings. Click HERE to see them now.

swarovski purple fantasy necklace, amethyst hearts, silver    swarovski crystal earrings, amethyst, purple tone loops, heart crystals



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