$30.00 Amethyst flower brooch necklace, key and lock charms, amethyst bead dangles, swarovski crystals

Amethyst Beads, Eclectic Keys Necklace $30.00                                  Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

amethyst flower, key, keyhole charm necklace, swarovski crystals  two chain necklace, antique bronze, small chain, large chain

This bold statement necklace has a unifying amethyst color theme. It also incorporates the very on-trend key and lock charms. Swarovski crystals add an additional level of sophistication to this double strand necklace.

The main strand of this necklace is a wider gauge antique bronze chain accented by an amethyst and red crystal flower brooch, and an assortment of keys, locks, and amethyst color resin beads. The second strand is a smaller gauge chain accented with Swarovski crystals including a heart.

I loved making this necklace, and it is gorgeous just by itself. When paired with an outfit, it will be a showstopper!
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


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