Swarovski Crystal Fringe Necklace, “Shades of Pink” silver chain

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swarovski necklace

Amazing pink tone fringe necklace

swarovski crystal

If you’re looking for an amazing, unique statement necklace, this necklace is perfect for you! The colors of this fringe statement necklace in stunning swarovski crystals: fuschia, watermelon pink, pink opal, siam red; and silver chain fringe, will make your friends jealous. It has great modern ombre look. and timeless swarovski crystals. Earrings are available.
This necklace is so vibrant and beautiful, it’s really hard to get pictures that really show it well. I made this necklace from Swarovski crystals in a cascade of color from hot pink to rose water opal to watermelon pink, and then siam red at the bottom. The crystal dangles are interspersed with chain dangles which make it modern and very wearable. There are also crystal rondelles on some of the chain dangles to give it just a little more sparkle–as if it needed extra! These crystals really catch the sunlight and reflect it, so if you’re wearing it out, I guarantee heads will turn!

The matching earrings are available too.
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