Bead Shop Hop Dash!

Bead Shopping Insanity…or Pure Genius?

bead shop hop

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to discover something I had never heard of before: The Bead Shop Hop! I walked into my local bead store just to take a peak before heading home after work. The staff asked me if I was there for the bead shop hop, and I was completely unaware of what that was. When I asked about it, I wasn’t expecting to be drawn into an OCD bead lovers paradise, but that’s what happened! It turns out that the bead shop hop, if you haven’t heard of it yet, is a three weekend marathon of bead shopping, prizes, stamp collecting, and of course–jewelry making. It even has a theme, for this year it’s books. You get a Passport that gets stamped (stickered really), each time you go into a participating shop. Each shop also has a special charm with that shop’s theme that goes on a charm bracelet that you make as you go along. You get your bracelet on your third shop visit. There’s a total of 22 stores participating in the Southern California region and the ultimate goal is to visit each and every one of them to collect their “stamp”, charm, and check out the great deals they are offering for the event. Each shop offers specials, make and take jewelry projects, free gifts with purchase, raffles, and refreshments.

Sounds fun right? Sound easy too? It would be if these shops weren’t spread out from as far south as San Diego and as far north as Ventura, they go inland as well. To hit each and every one of them within the next three weekends will take dedication, lots of gas, and planning. Not to mention the shopping you will undoubtedly do at each shop. I wasn’t planning on doing or even attempting to go to all of them, but the longer I think about it, the more interesting it seems. I can never back down from a challenge! I’m not sure how it will turn out, but so far I am having a blast. I will be going to my third shop today, the last one in town and am thinking about hitting the Northern areas of the county tomorrow to see if I can add a few more stamps to my passport.

bead shop hop

Two down…twenty to go!

Bead Shop Hop Haul…Day 1

My first stop at Bead Gallery in San Diego. I bought a few things, and got a few free gifts too! Their shop theme is Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus.

bead gallery goodies

I just bought a few things I thought I needed here….some needles, thread, and a few cute beads I could make into a bracelet. The crystals will go into a necklace I have been planning. The charm, TierraCast samples, floss, and bracelet were all freebies. The gold charm is the first one for my charm bracelet. I was impressed by their selection of seed beads, I will definitely have to go back when I know what colors I need.

My Second stop at The Bouncing Bead in La Mesa…I got a bit bolder with the shopping. Their theme is Pet Semetary.

bouncing bead goodies

Here’s my goodies from this store…charms, beads, tools, a bead mat, and the cat is the second charm for my bracelet.


japanese and czech beads

They had an amazing selection of shaped seed beads here….I couldn’t pass up the amazing colors! These are 2.8mm drops, rizo’s, peanuts, and Czech tilas.

czech beads

This is the first shop I’ve been to that has such a great selection of Czech beads, and in so many colors too! These are lentil shaped beads, and a tube of cubes. They also had daggers, spikes, round drops, and many more! I would have gotten one of everything if I could have!


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