Beautiful Woven Bracelets

Beaded Fringe Tila Bracelets

Here are some of the results of my newfound interest in bead weaving with shaped beads. I love the different looks you can get from simply changing the colors, or the size of the beads used.


black and purple bracelet

Peacock Czech Tila beads, Black Metallic Iris long drop beads, Green teal matte metallic iris drop beads

This bracelet set I made uses rainbow iridescent beads that give the jewelry a gorgeous shimmering look. The base of the bracelet uses Czech tila beads and Japanese long drops and drop beads as “fringe” on the edges. I love this look and it is extremely versatile. This could be done with any color set to create a completely new look without changing the style of beads or technique of beading.

purple and violet bracelet and earrings

Lilac pink/blue Czech Tila beads, Smoky Amethyst AB Magatama beads, Violet gold luster Magatama beads, violet drop beads

I made the above bracelet and earrings using the same technique as the first one. These Czech tila beads are a bluish-lavender color with purple veining in them. The magatama beads  used in the fringe pick up the violet and blue colors in the beads alternately. The different finishes on the beads also adds dimension and interest.


brown and turquoise bracelet

Brown Picasso Czech Tila beads, Turquoise Picasso Magatama beads, sparkle honey beige lined crystal Magatama beads, amber drop beads

This bracelet set I made also uses the exact same technique with completely different colors. The long magatama beads in the center are turquoise Picasso color(my favorite bead color so far!) It contrasts beautifully with the Czech Tila beads in the middle of the bracelet and are accented nicely with the side fringe that uses honey lined magatama beads, and amber drops. I think this color combination gives the jewelry an American Southwest look.

I love all of these bracelets, and they are relatively easy to make. The matching earrings are a free gift.


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