Ritzy Tapestries Necklace

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If I was going to continue my candy and food trend for naming jewelry, this one would definitely be called Neapolitan ice cream! This color combination has a rich variety of browns (chocolate), pinks (strawberry), and whitish pink (vanilla). The color palette is actually named “ritzy tapestries” which sounds nicer, but not as tasty! . The beads also have different finishes: translucent, matte, and pearlized. The result is a beautiful necklace with incredible depth and dimension, the antique bronze finish chain and bead caps gives it a slightly antique style. I’ve really enjoyed working with different shapes of seed beads and these “niblets” were fun to work with. It’s interesting how using differently shaped beads will make the finished project look much different from one using the same bead weaving style and regular shaped beads (usually round). I hope someone enjoys wearing this necklace as much as I enjoyed making it!

niblet seed beads

Ritzy tapestries “niblets” Czech Republic seed beads

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