$20.00 Sparkling Candy Necklace, Reds Spiral Beadweaving, Silver Bead Caps and Chain

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When I first saw these beads, I thought they looked a bit like red jello! The red colors are very rich and the different finishes on the beads gives it a lot of texture. It’s just really hard to capture all of that detail in a picture. I like to call it a “candy” necklace because it does look a lot like candy as well, which is a little less gross than a jello necklace. Can’t imagine that jello would stay very well on a necklace! Anyway, not real candy, (or jello) the spiral weaving pattern gives these scrumptious red beads a distinct candy-like appearance. This is one of the first necklaces I made after discovering the beautiful world of Japanese and Czech seed beads. This necklace actually combines round and cube seed beads in similar color palettes. The round beads are a color combination called pomegranate vitality, and the cubes are royal ruby mix. The spiral design beadweaving is capped off with silver cone shaped beadcaps and strung on a silver chain.

4mm cube beads

Cubes of jello royal ruby mix 4mm cube beads

6/0 seed beads

6/0 seed beads, pomegranate vitality

See another one of my spiral beadweaving necklaces HERE

Royal Ruby Pomegranate Vitality Necklace $20.00

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