Feeling inspired after bead tour!

I just got back to my regular schedule after a 2 week bead tour to the Czech Republic, Austria,  Hungary and Romania with Appermark bead tour and Betty Stephan. I had an amazing time since it was a dream vacation for me.

The tour took us to g&b bead factory and store, several other bead stores and amazing historical sites all along the way. It was the perfect combination of my favorite things to do. I also got to spend time with and get to know an amazing group of women.

I came home with a few extra beads to add to my collection…😉😉Beads I purchased on beads tour

It’s not too bad, there were millions more that I did not buy, after all. Theresa in g and b beads factory I do not yet know what I will do with all of those beads, but I came home very inspired. On the trip I met several designers new to me and got many new ideas.

I also found new bead magazines with tons of great ideas. A Czech bead magazine, Koralki, Czech bead magazinehad an idea for using farfalle beads from Ivana Skalska. Picture of Ivana Skalska This was awesome for me because I have had some beautiful farfalle beads that I purchased several years ago, but haven’t been able to use yet. The best part is, it’s very simple but with beautiful results.

I typically prefer beadweaving, but I haven’t found any patterns using farfalle beads and on top of that, they are etched. This texture would be rough on beading thread, especially when taut. So thanks to Ivana Skalska, I was able to turn my bead stash beads into a beautiful necklace that showcases the beauty of the beads.

Necklace beaded with farfalle Czech beads

I love the way this necklace turned out and I appreciate the simplicity of it. I need more jewelry that I can wear in my daily life, since the majority of my pieces are more complex and blingy with Swarovski crystals.


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