Discovering New Styles–Industrial Chic

industrial chic birdcage keys tags necklace

Since I’ve started making jewelry, I’ve tried out a lot of different styles. Up until now, however, I have not been too interested in “industrial” style jewelry. I’m not sure what changed, but the last time I was browsing the bead and jewelry making section of the craft store, it really caught my eye. I’m still not a fan of large “found objects” that are just plain ugly, but now I do have a newfound appreciation for unusual and unexpected elements in jewelry.

Birdcages, birds, and keys are really popular objects right now, so those are incorporated into my first truly industrial-ish necklace. The larger elements were easiest: the keys, birdcage, bird and other large charms. After that I tried to fill in the “blanks” with a variety of elements including scrapbook style plastic tags, beads, trinket pins, paperclips, etc.

industrial grunge birdcage keys necklace  keyhole key charms  birdcage keys elements  large link antique bronze chain

Now the necklace is nearing completion, but I’m still trying to figure out what it needs. I think the left side is great, but there’s still something missing on the right side.

If anyone has any opinions or suggestions, I’d be happy for the input. I’m really excited about this style of jewelry, and hope to soon have more pieces available.

birdcage neon yellow bird charm necklace  industrial grunge birdcage bird keyhole keys necklace  discover, numbers, word token, beads eclectic necklace

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