Gem and Bead Faire

I went to the Gem and Bead Faire–again– in the hopes of finding the “magical” beads I’m missing in order to finish my many unfinished projects. Instead I found many new beautiful beads. There are so many colors, shapes, and finishes–I’m like a kid in the candy store!

I will probably need help to find enough projects to put a dent in my bead collection. I have no trouble finding things I’d like to make, but I always seem to be missing one or two beads or findings that I need to complete a project. I always have a lot of unfinished projects evolving at the same time. I am just always on the lookout, because I never know when or where I’ll find those missing pieces.

Since I found a wonderful vendor with a wonderful selection of beautiful, high quality seed beads, I too, now have a wonderful selection of beautiful, high-quality seed beads! I didn’t plan on buying these things, but there were so many, and I couldn’t choose, so I had to get (almost) everything that caught my eye. I also found some beautiful vintage beads to make something special with.

I haven’t ever used different shaped seed beads before; I now have cubes, and drops, and “niblets”. They are sure to be fun…

I tried capturing the beauty of these beads in a picture, but it is just impossible. Here is my attempt at it anyway.

seed bead selection champagne earthy tones greens                          seed bead selection wine tone drops, turquoise cubes

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